Luxembourg's Challenges in Talent Aquisition


I recently had the opportunity to join the recruitment industry within 7Fiftytwo in London. 

I saw in this dynamic and growing industry an opportunity to work on something new and challenging for me while experiencing life abroad. 
I believe that talent acquisition issues sit at the core of business strategy today, as human capital is more than ever essential to value creation. 
Indeed, recruiting the right person for a given task is a complex process where assessing qualifications is not sufficient. Worse, an error in this process can result in a project mishandled or an unsatisfied client, and thus create an important cost, of both money and time. For small businesses or start-ups, a wrong recruitment choice can even lead to catastrophe. 
Additionally, globalisation pressures and challenges organisations and companies to acquire and retain the best talents, resulting in an intense competition between them. 
This is why, in my opinion, the action of recruitment consultants truly generate added value. Through a deep understanding of clients’ needs thanks to their knowledge of specific markets, they are able to identify the best candidates for certain job offers. 
In that sense, my law background is precious to understand the desire of leading financial services clients and to identify the key information relating to candidates notably for the market our team focus on, Luxembourg. 
Indeed, Luxembourg reflects perfectly today’s challenges regarding talent acquisition faced by international companies. Being a founding member of the European Union, the Grand Duchy attract qualified workers from across the continent willing to work for leading global businesses. Using my research and analytical skills on a daily basis enables me to truly assess their skills in relation to our clients’ needs and cultures. 
Besides, the necessity to create true exchanges with candidates has enhanced my interpersonal competencies. 
Overall, the complexity and the multiplicity of talent acquisition related challenges generate an interesting diversity in my activity as a researcher. Working in Luxembourg’s competitive market and discussing with fascinating candidates on a daily basis has made my first month at 7Fiftytwo truly stimulating.